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Land surveying and cartography in Poland

Main aspects and procedures of Land Surveying and Cartography  in Poland are defined and incorporated in Land Surveying and Cartography Act dated 17th May 1989 with further amendments.


First and foremost it contains all procedures concerning cadastral and land development and construction process surveys as well as formal procedures , the role of a land surveyor with their rights and obligations concerning their  survey works in the above mentioned matters.

The act also defines the formal structure  of country level – Land Surveyor General and lower division of Land Survey offices i.e. voivodeship(district containing local counties) with Voivodeship Land Survey Supervisor and the lowest level of land survey office administration – County Chief Executive.

The Land and Cartography Act defines thoroughly   roles of these office institutions in relation to land survey formal procedures and participation of chartered(licensed) land suveyors with regard to their surveys the final outcome of which is registered at the county land survey office.


All land survey procedures and   rules of law.

What are the main applicatios of this law?

  1. Registration of cadastral survey works and management of both spatial (land parcel boundaries and their areas) and also  the property owners data like name , surname, address etc..
  2. Land and Property  Register in Poland constitutes the basis of geometric representation  in Legal Land Register which on the  other hand registers the legal rights of the property owner.
  3. Base topographic map. This map contains both geometric land parcel data registered in Land Registry office and spatial data like utility linesmanmade features, buildings and topographic features.


What kind of land surveys are fulfilled by chartered(licensed) surveyors to feed the data of both land register and base topographic map?

  1. As far as land registry is concerned these are: property subdivion, land property boundary and corner stone  recovery, establishment and recovery of boundary lines, defining and updating land use  areas.
  2. Af for the contruction and investment process these are: land surveys for updating base topo maps the outcome of which is the topo map for site planssetting out and as-built surveys.


  1. That would be a general view of land surveying and cartography aspects.

Vocabulary (słownictwo):


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Land Surveying and Cartography – geodezja i kartografia

incorporated in Land Surveying and Cartography Act dated – zawarte w ustawie prawo geodezyjne kartograficzne z dnia

amendments – zmiany (w prawie)

 cadastral – katastralne (ewidencyjne)

 land development and construction process surveys - inwestycje

rights and obligations – prawa i obowiązki

Land Surveyor General – Główny Geodeta Kraju

Voivodeship Land Survey Supervisor – Wojewódzki Inspektor nadzoru

County Chief Executive - starosta

in relation to land survey – w odniesieniu do

chartered(licensed) land suveyors – geodeta uprawniony

registered at the county land survey office.- ewidencjonowany w EGiB

Registration of cadastral survey works – ewidencja pomiarów pomiarów katastralnych

(land parcel boundaries – granice działek

property owners – właściciele nieruchomości

Land and Property  Register – ewidencja gruntów i budynków

Legal Land Register – Księgi wieczyste

Base topographic map – mapa zasadnicza

utility lines – sieć uzbrojenia

manmade features – obiekty sztuczne

 topographic features.- szczegóły terenowe

Fulfilled - wykonywany

 feed the data – dostarczać danych

s far as land registry is concerned - jeżeli chodzi o ewidencję gruntów

property subdivion – podział nieruchomości

land property boundary and corner stone  recovery – wznowienie znaków granicznych

establishment and recovery of boundary lines – rozgraniczenie nieruchomości

land use  areas – użytki gruntowe

contruction and investment process - inwestycje

updating base topo maps – aktualizacja mapy zasadniczej

topo map for site plans – mapa do celów projektowych

setting out - tyczenie

as-built surveys inwentaryzacja

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